Our Story


COAK founder Jeremy Jones was raised in a small city in Louisiana called Lake Charles. Although he grew up in a small area with little diversity, his versatile fashion choices have always set him apart from others. Whether dressed casual or formal he's always found a way to be fashion forward without falling into the traps of forgettable trends. 

Jeremy has always had a knack for two things. Selling products & being a sharply dressed man. Growing up his mother & father instilled these traits into him. His mother always wanted to teach him the value of money, and never wanted her son to resort to stealing things. She started off by giving him $10 and taking him to an arts and crafts store in middle school to buy some things, and then find a way to make money off of them. The very next week Jeremy became the kid wholesaling plastic string to make key-chains at school. He turned $10 into $35 in five days and the rest was history. A hand full of years later his passion for selling, mixed with his passion for the latest fashion trends. He would re-create accessories that were seen on his favorite athletes and entertainers. At the time rhinestone clad bandannas and Chloe sunglasses with rhinestones were the hottest trends. Acting swiftly, he purchased rhinestones, glue, bandannas, and $5 sunglasses from a few local stores. As he explains, "I'd then confidently wear my products to school and let all the other kids gawk at the things I was wearing. They saw their favorite celebrities wearing similar things so of course they had to have them too." In no time he'd have enough orders to make substantial profit for a high school kid. "I was hooked. From then on I'd always be looking for new fashion trends. I would figure out a way to have them in my wardrobe and also make a profit from them." 

Now, more than 15 years later, the passion for creating trendy looks and selling them to equally trendy consumers continues. 



Confidence of a King


After years of procrastination, Jeremy is finally giving everyone free reign into his closet. Well, kind of....

"I created the brand for multiple reasons. Obviously, I want people to have more self-confidence. Be a leader at whatever you do & don't let anyone question your purpose, style, heritage, or passion. I created this because I'm royalty. I'm a king. You should think the same of yourself." 

Taking notes from his personal preferences when choosing pieces to wear. Jeremy has decided to release everything in limited runs. No one likes to be dressed like the other guy across the room, and that was taken into account. So rest assured that the possibility of seeing someone with the same pieces on will be slim to none. 

Wear these pieces with the unapologetic Confidence Of A King.